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Best of the Rest


“If you were a REAL artist you would keep a proper sketchbook! Not a messy, bursting-at-the-seams, collage-journal with stick-on-bits but a sleek, pristine thing with classical sketches of REAL things in it.” My Devilish Inner Critic

If you are wondering what happened to my ‘Sketchbook Project’, it turns out that the ‘project’ had been subtly manipulated by my wily inner critic who, not content with — or perhaps, downright irritated by — my having sold lots of paintings during my 365 exhibition (and still selling), was looking for a new and novel way to convince me that I am not a ‘REAL’ artist.

My I.C. sneakily changed by original proposition – “to beat another artistic phobia - that of keeping a sketchbook” – to “…overcome my sketchbook phobia and more specifically, overcome my reluctance to fill it with drawings from life…(I can easily fill a sketchbook with collage or abstract drawings so I won’t concentrate on those for this project or there wouldn’t be a challenge…)”

Oh fiendishly clever Inner Critic! You almost got me! You had me dismissing all my cherished, joy-filled sketchbook-journals as useless and unimportant. You cast a spell that made me forget that through these I re-connect to my creative source.

Long live altered books, home-made journals and abstract drawings!

Long live the way I create a series of quick paintings that serve as ‘sketches’ for the more polished, refined ones that follow!

Long live the REAL-Artist-Me and death to the I.C.!”

Consider the ‘Sketchbook Project’ aborted. After all, I already do keep a sketchbook – in my own inimitable fashion!

What sneaky tricks has your Inner Critic been up to lately?

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